This simple educational app teaches children the alphabet letters to recognize words as they appear. As a result, preschoolers learn the letters of the words are made of. It enables them to quickly understand alphabetical letters than before. Simple and easy to Go!

This app demonstrates the basic concept of counting to pre- school children, the names of the numbers from 1 to 10 and their order, the fact that each item can only be used once in counting and that the order they choose to count does not alter the results

This game aids kids to Learn SHAPES and play with quiz to memorize the SHAPES.The expectation here is for children to be familiar with a number of shapes

Tichaa Swahili

Once the kids complete the puzzle, the Swahili word will appear at the bottom of the image, a voice will read the word aloud to teach the child and the child will also be congratulated for completing the puzzle: PLAY